If you ask me, I would definitely say Las Delicias is the pride of Citta Mall. Been there a couple of times, and every time is a blissful treat. It is a non-halal restaurant with deserving quality despite being a little pricey, considering it is located in a neighborhood mall.

Apart from those on the menu, there are wide array of delicious looking, fresh sandwiches, bakeries and pastries, which I have yet to tried out.

A good mushroom soup lets you enjoy the natural flavor of the fungi without needing too much extra ingredients. Las Delicias offers exactly this kind of pleasure. RM14++

Forget Ikea, these meatballs entail lip-smacking goodness! The tomato paste is absolutely praiseworthy and you kind of never get tired of eating it. RM13.50++

Seafood Fiesta. Even with the same tomato paste used repetitiously, different ingredient brings different kinds of enticing surprises. RM16++

Bacon Carbonara. I love how the thick and rich cream is balanced out with a smack of saltiness and pepperish flavor from the bacon. RM26++

River Prawn Pasta in Pesto Sauce. A unique offer and well done pesto, although I wish I could have had one whole prawn instead of just half of it.

Solid and rich Mango Cheese Cake.

Pick your food right from the board.

There is a section that deviates itself distinctively from the entire restaurant with its mild Victorian décor. I never asked what it’s for, perhaps a reserved or premium area??

Oh, another thing to comment on is the music they play, which I find a bit odd to listen to R&B in a place that gives out such comfortable, classy, European moods. (Maybe it’s just me)

Overall, I love Las Delicias for the memorable taste that lingers on in my mind after each meal, only to remind me to return time and again.

Las Delicias

Lot No.30, Ground Floor, Citta Mall,

Jln PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara, P.J. Selangor.

Tel: 03 7832 1712

Fax: 03 7832 1712