Although Johor Bahru and Singapore are just a causeway apart, the former seems to lack exquisite western gourmet when it comes to choice of food. However, this scene would not stay for long as I experience for myself the increasing gastro-delights that can be found right in this town.

Koco Loco offers a fabulous range of Spanish flavors that are sure to impressed! Staying true to their Catalonian origins, Chef Manel and his brother Dr. Eufemio are determined to serve the customers with the best ingredients and equipments that produce exemplary taste.

Among all is this imposing traditional Espresso Machine that resembled the first coffee machine invented by a French man, Louis Bernard Rabaut in 1822. This machine uses steam to force hot water to ground coffee. The coffee beans are entirely home-roasted to a shiny state with the coffee essence readily to be retrieved.

The baker’s factory!

Every pastries, even the ice cream sold here are made passionately by Chef Manel and his assistants.

Sopa de Calabaza. Koco Loco’s very own Saffron infused pumpkin soup. Velvety smooth texture, thick and rich on its own without any cream or heavy seasoning.

Sanfaina. Stir fried zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers with white wine that has the subtle sweetness of vegetables burst into a savory dish. A good tapas to fill our stomach with before the paella comes!

Paella Valenciana. Minimum for 2. The grains are cooked to a perfect softness with very fresh seafood which induces a mouth-watering impact.

Coca al Huevo. Spanish flatbread baked with Mozarella cheese, eggs, tomato and chili oil. It has crispy and thin crust. A rare findings in the town and it tastes absolutely sinful!

Fideuà de Carne. Catalan short noodle specialty which claimed to come about when someone forgot about the rice. Contains chicken and sausage with green vegetables, peppers and peas. A special variation of traditional paella but a little dry (we were told that the authentic ones are even drier).

No wine is served at the moment as they are still in the process of applying license. We were given complimentary Spanish Sangria.


Exclusive dairy and non-dairy gelatos made to pamper the taste buds and watch the sensitive tummies!

Mr. Lopez’s zeal for Spanish culture was deeply felt and a tour around his restaurant confirmed that only premium ingredients are served to his customers. I vouch for the authentic and relishing meal.


Koco Loco Spanish Cafe 

No.18 & 20, Jln Serampang, Tmn Pelangi, 81400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Tel: 07 3332477