Let’s fly over to Sarawak in the East Malaysia for a variety of delicious selection of hand-made noodles.

I am sure when you hear of Kuching, you will instantly think of Kolo Mee which is a popular order among both local and visiting tourists. ‘Koh-Loh mien’ is basically egg noodles boiled,  stirred with pork oil and usually served with minced pork and char siew. This is a MUST try when you head over to the miao city.

Sarawak Kolo Mee

An almost similar noodle but well known in Sibu is the Kampua Mee (in Foo Chow). The ingredients are more of less the same however prepared in a slightly different manner. The version of kampua you see below is what we call ‘Kampua Tau-u’ which means that it is seasoned with dark soy sauce, believe to be adapted from Peninsula. There is also one specific shop I ate in Sibu which had minced beef instead of char siew which was absolutely awesome, i’ll get a snap shot the next time I revisit the stall : )

Kolo Mee kicap

For those who has slightly spicy tastebuds can go for Sarawak Laksa, which originates from Kuching. This is entirely different from the regular laksa or curry mee most of us have eaten because it comes with the base of sambal belacan and coconut milk and served with rice vermicelli, prawns, chicken and omelette strips etc. The thing I enjoyed most is the lemon grass fragrance smell and unique tasting gravy which blended splendidly.


Tomato Mee is also one of the common hawker dish in Sarawak. It is basically crispy noodles cooked and served with tomato sauce, vegetables, meat and sometimes a selection of seafood like prawns and squid. There is also the tomato kuay teow which I really enjoyed too.


For the Muslims, this is one of the best mee jawa in town which I had in Rajah Cafe in Jalan Pending. I am not too sure if we have this elsewhere with the similar style but I enjoyed this plate of yellow noodle served with bean sprout, tofu strips, hard-boiled egg and sate with a mixture of peanut sauce and thick concentrated gravy.


Feeeeeling hungry already? That’s all for today from Sarawak.