Location :
PenangAh Leng Char Koay Teow
Kafe Khoon Hiang
Jalan Dato Kramat/Jalan Dunlop (facing Honolulu Club)

Price : RM5 for 1 plate

One of the bestttt Char Keuh Teow i have ever had. Penang’s Famous Ah Leng Char Kueh Teow! According to our “almost” penangnite, alot of people travel for hours just to have these kueh teow.


After driving around and around in the city of Penang, finally we found this hidden road side stall with the famous tag “FAMOUS AH LENG CHAR KEUH TEOW” ! I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, never a big fan of  Char Keuh Teow since young. So the waitress took our order and after a mere 10 mins, this small portion of CKT was presented infront of me. WTF it was less than 10 bites. But the taste made up for its portion, it was heavenly. I can’t explain why it tasted so GOOD, but definitely it was one of the best out there.



Will update more on this later !