It was a Wednesday night, I decided to take up a friend’s invite to this quaint little Japanese restaurant HAKO, at corner of Lt Collins and Elizabeth St. The front entrance was a BIG wooden door, it kinda looked a library. Got in, walked up a few steps, and I was quite impressed wth the interior. Simple yet classy, dim lights, and Sake bottles lined up just by the huge clear windows.

Aiya, why didn’t I bother to take pics of the place, 1 7 think about food only wtf.

Anyway, te waitress dictated the Specials for the night, “Seared Tuna with… (*I lost her after tuna..) and Rare Beef with Nashi Pear, Quail Egg… (* I also lost her after Egg..)” Sorry la, my memory is a fail and I was busy imagining how the dishes looked like when she spoke.

Rare Beef with Nashi Pear & Quail Egg

This is good, like REALLY good. It tasted so good that I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned into a cannibal one day wtf. Just kiddinggg.. You mix it around and break the quail egg yolk, then with your chopsticks, you put together some meat, cucumber, pear and put them in your mouth. Yummy is not even a good enough word to describe it LOL.

Then we also had Roasted Pork Belly with some Jap Mayo sauce, haiyo really have to write all this down next time lo.

Roasted Pork Belly

Layer of meat and fat and meat then fat again. What more could you ask for? And jap mayo. Just how I like it mm hmm..

Seared Tuna!

Sorry la, my description is not as elaborate but the picture tells all :D This is my favourite dish for the night, served with rice, and pickle. Waaaa Ooishiii wtf.

Oven Baked Salmon with assorted mushrooms and vegies

This was also served wih rice, and creamy sauce, not too heavy just nice :)

And we had Sake, poured into the cutest sake cup ever

Sake cup with Rabbit

OMMGGGGGG ~~ I see this I feel like squealinggg wtf

According to the waitress, it was imported from Japan, and my friend muka tembok ask whether can take home or not wtf. Is a KAWAIIIII nehhh ><~ wtf

We were too full to go for dessert. So we left the place for coffee somewhere else. Great dinner, if you have extra cash to splash. Which ironically I don’t but it’s okay because it satisfied mikijun’s monstrous hunger wtf.

By -Mikijun-