Its one of those nights when Claudia and I would crack our brains just to think of a place where we can sit down and yum cha other than the usual TEN REN and MAX B, is a sian lan jor laaaa okkkk wtf. So I suggested something out of the norm, Brunetti’s woo hoo~

Located at the far end of Lygon St, near safeway and FCUK, we sat outside where there were mini tables a chairs, and ashtrays for SMOKERS who enjoy burning their lungs away while sipping their lattes and cappucinos. Sooo, we got a table outside, and I went into the cafe to get something of delight.

Baci Mousse

This one caught my eye, the name BACI, you know the chocolate BACI? It’s like Ferrero Roche but no Ferrero Roche so Baci would have to do la. Baci also not bad whaat. To my surprise, it actually tasted better that I thougt. It’s quite a thick mousse with a hint of hazelnut flavour, topped of with another layer of dark chocolate  mousse with a sprinkle of nuts.


I’m just going to call this a White Chocolate Bomb, because I cannot remember the name! But nevertheless, it’s still quite yummy, not as yummy as the Baci mousse but it looks pretty. Basically its white chocolate and sponge cake, and a fancy Orange dusted white chocolate… piece wtf.

For drinks  I had Italian Hot Chocolate.

Italian Hot Chocolate

More like eating chocolate than drinking chocolate its really REALLY thick, and as if not fattening enough, they had to add whipped CREAM on top. MMMmmm chocolate overload. Just how i like it.

Claudia had her latte. And you know how a latte looks like anyway. No pics taken wtf.

It ‘s a good yum-cha-hang-out-smoke-drink coffee place to be at, but if you keep eating those desserts and eatingdrinking that hot chocolate, you’ll turn into an Oompa Loompa wtf.

By -Mikijun-