I was on a short ‘road trip’ with my mum as we travelled to a few outstation towns in Johor. Of course, I did not let the opportunity slip off without trying out the local eateries. After about an hour drive from Johor Bahru on the North-South highway, we made our first stop at Tong Chuan Buns Shop situated at about 1km away from the exit towards Batu Pahat. Honestly, I was a little skeptical about this shop that sold only buns but knowing it had been operating for a long time and hearing how people lined up to buy the buns peaked my curiosity even more.

Indeed, the coffeshop was packed when we arrived. On the menu, there were only a few types of buns, loh mai kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice), siu mai and chicken feet to choose from.

I do not usually like loh mai kai very much as they tend to have strong ‘chicken’ smell, but this one did not. It also did not have greasy chicken fat to spoil the texture and taste.

Vegetarian Bun. The fillings were rich of Seng Kuang (locally called yambean/ turnip in English, but in fact it’s jicama, read as ‘hicama’), mushrooms and onion leaves. The bun was freshly steamed and had a really soft texture.

Big (Pork) Bun/ da pao. Like chicken, I am very particular about ‘pork’ smell as well, fortunately this one was packed with enough flavor to be enjoyed.

Red Bean Paste Bun/ tou sha pao. This one came a bit icky compared to the previous buns as it was less than lukewarm and the bun skin was quite thick. Lessen the filling and it would taste no more than any ordinary ones.

Although with the glitch, it was overall satisfying and taste worthy!

 The kitchen was a heartwarming sight of harmony.


Tong Chuan Buns Shop

763, Jalan Batu Pahat, 86100 Ayer Hitam, Johor.

(From North-South highway, exit to Air Hitam and turn left towards Batu Pahat town. About another 1km to reach the shop)

Tel: 012 7269989