This was kind of an unexpected discovery for us after our initial intention to eat the claypot chicken rice at SS22 fell through due to the loooong waiting list we were put on. It was the bright signboard that attracted us right on as we were driving around!

As the name may have suggested, this restaurant serves ‘Peranakan’ cuisine. Its cosy interior is designed in ‘Peranakan’ style with contemporary elements that put aside the ornate decorations while retaining some distinctive furniture. There are two storey of tables and seatings enough to accommodate large crowds comfortably.

Sambal Prawns with Petai. The sambal makes this dish a stellar! The lemony taste arouses our appetites for the unassuming prawns and petai. Personal fav!

Gerang Assam Fish Fillets. Red hot as it might seem, it was not that tongue-numbing as to cover the tangy flavour of lemon-grass and torch-ginger bud. The fillets were fresh and well-cooked to remain as one piece.

Chicken Pong Teh. The gravy tasted a special blend of sweetness and saltiness, it was the only chili-free-dish on our table. I was not quite used to eating chicken tasting this ‘awkward sweet’ (they must have been well simmered), but I truly enjoyed blending the gravy into my rice.

Kangkung with Belacan.

Our capacity had come quite close to the limit by the time we finish all the mains, we only ordered one Durian Cendol to share. It was a great choice! I love how the mix of Durian with Gula Melaka made the whole coconut-milk based dessert much more exciting!

Average spending is around RM35 per person.


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Restoran Rumah Peranakan Sdn Bhd,

No 4, Jln SS23/11, Tmn Sea, 47400 P.J, Selngor.

Tel: 03 78042778

Fax: 03 78862295