On the day of Chap Goh Meh, we decided to check out the new seafood restaurant in Port Dickson. It’s located at the new reclaimed land where it’s most known for the opening of McDonald’s not long ago. The place was not fully packed but crowds were still seen even though it was already past dinner hour, at around 9pm. I assumed it’s partly because the restaurant is halal.

We ordered altogether 5 dishes, Kim’s Signature Tilapia, Butter Milk Lobsters, Salted Egg Yolk Crabs, Claypot Bean Curd and some vegetables. The portions looked quite fulfilling, however the lobsters were a little disappointing. Although the taste met the standard of a regular seafood restaurant, there were barely enough meat in the shells. We only got a meagre taste of the lobsters after a few cracks and twists. (Fun Facts: Crabs caught on Moon-lit nights are said to be less fleshy, as less crabs are found on the shore during high tide. Well, it might apply to lobsters too!)

Butter Milk Lobsters. The cream was thick and appetizing, but the lobsters were too skinny for the money paid. It cost more than RM200.

Kim’s Signature Tilapia. Crunchy on the outside, fresh and moist on the inside. The fish was deep fried and topped with onions and ground chili plus lime juice. Voted as our Fav of the night! The sauce truly complimented the freshwater tilapia with a hint of zest without being spicy at all.

Salted Egg Yolk Crabs. The colour of the sauce differed slightly from other places but still tasted similar. Not the best pick.

The dining area is quite spacious, you can dine at the comfort of the air-conditioned hall, or enjoy the sea view at the covered patio. There are KTV rooms and karaoke facilities available for occasions such as wedding banquets, birthdays, company’s functions, etc. But the wall panels weren’t that good at blocking sounds, live concert is fairly audible in the air-conditioned dining area.

Given the ample seating capacity and presentable settings, this place is considerably good for functions despite having a few hits and misses in taste.

Kim’s Seafood Palace

26, Persiaran Water Front, PD Water Front, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (next to McDonald’s).

Tel: 06 6462828 /016 667-1107