This was a rather busy and eventful day, it seemed like we had been on a haltless move. Lifestyle fair, career fair, and all the walk between MidValley and the adjacent Gardens Mall to get our essentials had basically worn us out. All we could think about is to find a place to sit and eat, but on a Saturday like this, everywhere was fully packed. Opt to avoid the beeline wait, we decided to give this quiet restaurant a shot. We browsed through the menu feeling as if this was an adventure. Unfortunately, this adventure did not quite lead us to an enlightenment.

First we ordered the Ayam Percik rice and was told that it was finished, and then we wanted Tagliatelle but again was made to choose Spaghetti as the former was not available.

The food came, this was the Wild Mushroom Spaghetti that was supposed to be Tagliatelle according to the menu. So much as it did not look very appetizing, it tasted just as plain. The swift serving made me feel that this was a reheated dish. Edible, partly because the fresh ingredients.

Poached Salmon. The Salmon was super puny and the whole dish was somehow bland. If this was an attempt to emulate fine-dining, the flavor had got ample space to improve.

Had the price not been so expensive, I would not have expected so much of the quality. In another word, it is over-priced.


The Yogitree

F-237B, Level 1, The Gardens, Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2282 6213