Feeling our spicey craving hanging unfulfilled at the previous restaurant, we headed to Agneey’s Cuisine to get a second round of Indian fix. Situated in the middle of a residential area, it does not have the most strategic location, yet the crowds that patronize here everyday are abundant.

I have been here many times, and not one meal had let us down. In fact, I would miss the taste whenever I leave the city for too long. They offer Northern and Southern Indian cuisine, banana leaf rice and varieties of dosas and pratas.

Pour in the fish and chicken curries, both our stomach and taste buds would be filled with satisfaction.

Chicken Varuval (Dry) packed with the richness of spices.

Eat it while hot and feel the warm cheese melt in your mouth with the Naan.

Mutton Keema (Minced). Minced mutton slowly cooked over low flame. Thick, spicy, delectable. Compliments the earthy Romali bread.

Look kind of like table-cloth, taste wheaty. Best go with Mutton Keema.

Chapati wrapped with Mutton Keema and some Dhal make a delicious combination.

Herbs-rich Masala Tea to wash down the acidity with a minty zest.