Shojikoya @ Citta Mall is now closed
Hope you’ve managed to enjoy it :)

Even if you have tried MOW Hokkaido Milk Vanilla ice cream and agree with me that you absolutely love it, there is still another perk for reading this post. Because you are going to save RM2 for each and every MOW ice cream that you purchase in Shojikoya @ Citta Mall, Ara Damansara. But for those who have not tasted it, do not miss this out! Produced by Morinaga company, it is made of Hokkaido cow’s milk and taste exceptionally delicious! The texture is so smooth, you will not find crunchy ice flakes getting in the way. The normal retail price is RM6.90,  but you can get it for RM4.90 at Citta Mall as Shojikoya is currently testing the market. I am not sure when they will start selling at normal price, but if you really are a fan of MOW ice cream, you could probably stock some up!


Morinaga MOW Ice Cream

Sold at all Shojikoya outlets.

p/s: RM2 discount is only applicable to Shojikoya @ Citta Mall, Ara Damansara.