Location : Somwhere in IPOH

Price: Seriously, i just woke up from sleep so was damn blur. wtf wtf but an average bowl cost around RM3.50. Fair price mate!

On our way to Penang, we decided to stop by IPOH for brunch. Walked around the area and decided to give this pretty busy kopitiam a go! yea dei finally get to eat ipoh gai si hor fun lol lol ! Heard so much about it and how different Ipoh’s compared to the rest. Apparently it is because of the water wtf.

Anyway, i’ll let the pics do the talking. nyam nyam food wtf wtf.


The delicious Ipoh Gai Si Hor Fun!


nyaman dong!

Whats for drinks you may ask. Definitely Ipoh Bai Ka Fei wtf. Ipoh White Coffee. hmm tasted nothing like the ones from old town. These are the originals la namsayin’


Ipoh White Coffee

We also had the ipoh har mee!

ipoh har mee!

ipoh har mee!

Hong Kong styled cheong fun and ipoh pan mee!

cheong fun! hong kong style T_T"

cheong fun! hong kong style T_T"

ban mee!

ban mee!

Overall it was pretty satifying for a pit stop meal. We will definitely return to IPOH for more food adventures. Ipoh kias any kang tao please contact me!