Melaka or Malacca, this city has definitely leverage extensively on its acquisition of UNESCO World Heritage site status since 2008 with entrepreneurs and tourists alike charging up the tourism sector. As the city infrastructure improves, hotels and lodges boom significantly, so does the restaurants!

We arrived in the evening and were recommended by Gus, our ever hospitable tour guide and Knocknock Home‘s host to try out AK 47, a home cooked Thai restaurant. It took us just a couple minutes of walks from the guest house to reach the restaurant. It was empty when we reached there, but just when our food was about to serve, the place was filled with customers and the restaurant owner did something somewhat absurd and astonishing. He quickly put up the ‘Close’ sign and said jovially that that was all they would serve for the night. Apparently his wife is the only chef and by limiting the number of customers, they have sensibly avoided any blunder, and managed to pull off every dishes consistently without having customers annoyed by long waiting. As a result, everyone is happy :)

The restaurant oozes old school charm with all the 70s collection. On a quiet night like this, Melaka sinks immediately into a nostalgic mood.

Soda from the 70s?

Mango Salad full of sour and spicy boost to enliven the appetite!

A simple fried egg that reminds us of mum’s cooking.

This Tomyam fires like the AK 47, red, hot and spicy! There is strong scent of lemongrass that blends in so well with the sweetness of the seafood.

Sambal Prawn. Taste a little sweet compared to its counterparts – sambal petai prawns. But it sort of introduces another kind of spiciness to the meal, which is a good thing.

This meal cost merely RM30. You will love the food if you enjoy spicy! The restaurant is cosy, the food is great, just give a call before you come to avoid disappointment.

On a side note, there is Night Market along Jalan Hang Jebat (NOT Jonker Street) every Friday and Saturday, this is my favorite pick among dozens of stalls.

Hainanese Mochi! Well, whether it originates from Hainan or not, that is how the name of the stall suggests. This one located right outside the Hainanese Association 海南会馆(琼州会馆).


AK 47 Café

47, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.

Tel: 06 2820491, 012 6141483 (Master Peter Chong)









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Melaka Night Market 

Along Jalan Hang Jebat

Opens every Friday and Saturday evening onwards