Last night I was craving for duck rice, not any ordinary ones, but the one in PJ State. This restaurant, named in its Cantonese pronunciation, Kam Heong, operates both day and night. From the morning till the afternoon, it serves local Chinese menu in a ‘dai pai dong’ style where numerous stalls operate together under one roof, each selling different food such as curry laksa, penang prawn mee, soup noodle, char kuey tiao, etc. It looks just like a common foodcourt in the day, though I’ve heard also many compliments about the prawn mee, yet the MAIN highlight only prevails from around 5pm onwards.

Star of the night! Tender and juicy meat, with thick, flavorful gravy.

What is unusual about the ducks here is that they are braised instead of roasted. Mr. Tan, the stall owner who also owns the restaurant told us that there are 7 different Chinese herbs involved in the making. No wonder the taste is magical! Besides ducks, there are stewed eggs, stewed duck intestines, salty/pickled vegetables as side dishes, all made a perfect compliment to the duck.

Salty/ Pickled Vegetables

Stewed Eggs

Another thing that I always find captivating is the rice itself. The flavour is truly taste bud enliven, I remember how my cousin could be satisfied just by eating the rice alone. One plate is NEVER enough!

The food here is reasonably priced, and getting a car park is not really a problem. Even if it takes a little while, it definitely worth the wait. Forget about diet and calories for once, consider this an economical treat! The restaurant stops serving when the ducks run out, usually around 9pm to 10 pm.

Restoran Kam Heong

8, Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya. aka PJ State