For people who have sweet tooth like me, but is at the same time conscious about health and calories intake, there’s a good alternative out there in Hong Kong that perhaps, could quench your sweet desire and help maintain healthy body. Yuen Kee Dessert Expert happened to be one of my favourite Cantonese dessert shops. I have become addicted to its almond paste soup with lotus seeds because of the richness and pureness of almond paste that I can hardly find elsewhere. I always choose the one that comes with lotus seeds that are boiled to the perfect powdery stage.

Almond Paste Soup with Lotus Seeds.

Walnut Paste Soup.

The other dessert called Loranthaceae Tea 桑寄生茶, which appears to be a new thing to me as I have never heard about it in Malaysia, has also been included in my favourite Cantonese dessert list. Loranthaceae is known as a good agent to lower high blood pressure, cure flu and very nourishing to women, that’s why pregnant women usually take it. Yuen Kee serves the tea with the right sweetness and with boiled egg.

Loranthaceae Tea with Lotus Seeds and Boiled Egg.

Cantonese Steamed Egg.

Yuen Kee opens from morning till late night. You might have to wait for seat during peak hours, many people go there for supper. Average price for one dessert is 25 HKD, though slightly higher compared to others, but you can certainly tell the difference from the taste.


源記甜品專家Yuen Kee Dessert 

Address: G/F, 32 Centre Street, Western District, Hong Kong.


Getting There: Take tram and get down at Western Street.

Tel: +852 25488687